Tiki-Taka PAY

The smartest cash system so far!



Why Tiki-Taka PAY?

For restaurants, bars and cafes.
Cash register and bank terminal - all in one.

Customers do not like to wait for a bill – no problem! The customer makes the payment immediately – cash, non-cash transactions, Tiki-Taka PAY does not care. It performs it’s function perfectly!
Save time - serve more customers and don't spend it on billing!

Never seen before for stores – with Tiki-Taka PAY banking transactions
starting at 0%.
Excellent, right!

We offer low monthly fees, no hidden costs and complex servicing.

And finally, Tiki-Taka PAY. Win the competitors!

Tiki-Taka PAY is the only one - all in one - solution that will allow you to earn both by selling your products and receiving payment.
No longer need to write receipts or look for a place to put down the cash register with all its electricity lines.
Tiki-Taka PAY will work up to 10 hours in active working mode, it's your whole working day without worry.

Each company is unique

Everyone likes handy, quick, and easy payments. With Tiki-Taka PAY, you can accept payment cards, contactless payments and make cash transactions anywhere in the world! Make your business mobile and up-to-date, take Tiki-Taka PAY!

Technical Data

Datakom Tiki-Taka PAY

Be modern and mobile!

Tiki-Taka PAY is an elegant, compact and secure electronic payments terminal running on the Android operating system. The device is equipped with a high-resolution tablet color display and a thermal printer that is positioned to maximize the use of the screen for customers. Tiki-Taka PAY has a built-in NFC contactless electronic payment system and has a huge memory that allows applications to be processed extremely quickly.

• Large colour touch screen

• Powerful battery - 5250 mAh

• Two cameras and a 2D scanner

• Integrated Check Printer

• PCI PTS 5.x certified

Functions. Options. Payments.

• Receive contactless payments (including Apple Pay and Android Pay)

• Accept all kinds of card payments

• Receive payments with gift cards

• Receive cash payments

• Getting money in your account within 24 hours

• Transfer transaction data to accounting

• Register loyal customers


Get Tiki-Taka PAY -

1100 EUR + VAT

Contact Datakom to learn more about Tiki-Taka PAY, try it and buy it for your business. You'll need to complete some of the application questionnaires and we'll do the rest.


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