Tiki-Taka PAY

The smartest cash system so far!

Why Tiki-Taka PAY?

For restaurants, bars and cafes. Cash register and bank terminal - all in one.

Customers do not like to wait for a bill – no problem! The customer makes the payment immediately – cash, non-cash transactions, Tiki-Taka PAY does not care. It performs it’s function perfectly! Save time - serve more customers and don't spend it on billing!

Tiki-Taka PAY is fast and precise in sales

Serve your customers at any place of the store, avoiding the exhausting queues. Tiki-Taka PAY is a cash register, product scanner, receipt printer and payment terminal in one device. Make the experience your customer unforgettable and easy.

Beat your competitors!

A unique customer loyalty system with discounts, product bundle offers, “Happy hours” offers and accumulating gift cards – it all will be available to you without additional costs. Analyse shopping habits, follow the turnover increase and trends. Everything is possible with Tiki-Taka PAY.

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Each company is unique

Everyone likes handy, quick, and easy payments. With Tiki-Taka PAY, you can accept payment cards, contactless payments and make cash transactions anywhere in the world! Make your business mobile and up-to-date, take Tiki-Taka PAY!

Functions. Options. Payments.

Technical Data

Datakom Tiki-Taka PAY

Be modern and mobile!

Tiki-Taka PAY is equipped with a high resolution colour display, 1D and 2D code scanner and thermal printer, which is placed in a way that enables maximally increased use of display for customers. Tiki-Taka PAY has a built-in NFC contact-free electronic payment system and it has huge memory, which allows loading tens of thousands products to be sold.


Get Tiki-Taka PAY -

1100 EUR + VAT

The monthly device servicing fee is 19.50 EUR, excl. VAT. The servicing includes an internet SIM card, free remote consultations, video instructions and starting from May 2020 also the store management portal manage.tikitaka.lv, where you will receive all reports from cash registers, will be able to analyse the sales data, generate new loyalty campaigns and change product prices.